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Find the Warrior Inside During Menopause

Originally posted at: https://breakingmuscle.com/fitness/find-the-warrior-inside-during-menopause

Is it true, have we finally made menopause sexy? Wouldn’t that be fun!
When I started writing about menopause and its impact on women's health this year, I wasn’t expecting to reach as many people as I have.  Women who read my articles are celebrating the fact that we are talking about this very misunderstood and underserved topic.

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The Body Image Dilemma for Female Weightlifters

Originally posted at: http://breakingmuscle.com/fitness/the-body-image-dilemma-for-female-weightlifters

An athlete is going to look like whatever she is.

A common issue encountered in training female weightlifters is that of body image, and more specifically, bodyweight. In our modern, mass-media controlled culture, both males and females are bombarded from pre-adolescence with supposedly desirable body images. For girls, the ideal is all too frequently the appearance of a fashion model. But what does that appearance have to do with a woman who can lift?


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