2017 Food Prep – Week 9

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Hi friends!

Time to share what I made during my food prep session last weekend!

food prep

I made:

Instant Pot Hummus Chicken- Just put a tub of spicy Sabra hummus, a cup of chicken broth and 1.5 pounds chicken breast in the instant pot, cooked 22 min, shredded the chicken and mixed in a package of 90 sec brown rice and some steamfresh green beans
Cottage cheese bisquick pancakes- just replaced 3/4 cup of the milk with cottage cheese to make Bisquick pancakes as directed
Roasted sweet potatoes
Tuna salad
Egg Wraps
Hummus topping
Meatloaf- random recipe my sister chose to make while she was here
Sweet Potato Protein Cookies
Chopped veggies and lettuce

Last week we ate:

On Sunday night hubby cooked steaks for my sister and him and I had a turkey sandwich.
Monday we had meatloaf.
Tuesday we had tacos – that’s the middle row of photos – I had the hummus chicken and rice topped with salsa, avocado and chips. Squish had a cheese quesadilla with chicken, avo and veggies and I cooked some ground beef for hubby to make his tacos.
Wednesday I made Chicken Pad Thai.
Thursday we had leftovers
Friday & Saturday nights we went out to dinner.

A few other random photos – I ate the tuna salad for lunch a couple days with an apple and Simple Mills crackers. Hubby made nachos with the leftover ground beef from taco night. Squish had his first smoothie bowl along with some dinosaur broccoli bites.


That’s it for today! What are you prepping this weekend?


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