2017 Food Prep – Week 10

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Hi friends!

Time for another round of food prep!

food prep

I made:

Carrots, peppers & hummus topping for snacking
Sweet Potato Protein Cookies
Pulled pork in the Instant Pot
Roasted sweet potatoes & green beans
Chicken stuffed with fresh spinach & mozzarella cheese
Sweet Potato Bites
Egg wraps

Sunday night we ate pulled pork for dinner with guac and egg wraps

Monday night I made Chicken Phillys. Just sauteed chicken, peppers and onions with some seasonings. I served them deconstructed for Squish, on a bun topped with cheese for hubby and with chips, salsa and avocado for me (top row of pics).

Hubby ate the stuffed chicken for lunch several days and I had lots of hummus with toppings and turkey sandwiches and apples.

Tuesday for dinner I made salmon cakes. Just cooked some wild caught salmon, flaked it, mixed in an egg, some thai chili sauce and ginger, some garlic and about 3/4 cup crushed Simple Mills crackers (instead of breadcrumbs) and baked for 20 minutes, flipping once. While they were cooking I microwaved some green beans and cooked some pasta to top with marinara for Squish and I. Hubby ate his with broccoli and 90 sec brown rice.

Wednesday afternoon Squish and I made some easy banana pancakes for a snack.

Wednesday for dinner Squish and hubby had Annies mac and cheese with peas and chicken sausage mixed in. I had scrambled eggs with chicke sausage, avocado and salsa.

Thursday night we went out for Mexican. Squish had a chicken quesadilla with half the cheese, I had fish tacos and hubby had fajitas.

Last week I focused on taking before and afters of Squish’s meals so look for a post this week with some thoughts on what I choose to serve him vs what he chooses to eat!

Friday I made scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast for hubby and I, we ate leftovers for lunch and we went out to dinner.


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