The Myth of Flexibility and Yoga

Flexibility is as much about the mind as it is the muscle.

One of the most common notions people share with me when they learn I teach yoga is that they think they must be flexible to do it. It seems the pervasive cultural model of a skinny girl in over-priced stretchy pants with her leg wrapped behind her head makes many people assume yoga is not for them.


While that’s understandable, it’s also an excuse. And you know what they say about excuses.


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How Accentuated Eccentric Loading Leads to Greater Strength Gains

Paying more attention to your muscles during the eccentric phase of any exercise is a good way to essentially access untapped strength.

What do you do when you’ve hit the plateau in your strength gains and muscle building? If you’re smart, you’ll change things up. Perhaps you’ll change from low volume, high-weight training to high volume, low-weight training, or switch to functional training, HIIT training, or bodyweight training.


Or, if you want to try something that’s scientifically proven to work, give accentuated eccentric loading training a go.


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8 Weeks to Mastering Pull Up Power

It’s time to stop being afraid of that bar over your head.

Who doesn’t want to be able to crank out multiple sets of pull ups? They are arguably the one exercise that everybody wants to do, and that everybody avoids at all costs. A well-executed pull up is an impressive feat. Push ups, dips, sit ups, and many other bodyweight exercises are doable for most, but pulling your entire body up to a bar or rings is a tall order for many.


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Coming Soon: Big Brand Fitness?

If you want your gym to make it big, try thinking small.

Last month Pete McCall wrote a post on the ACE blog about fitness trends for 2017. The first one he pointed out was that we’ll see “more health clubs and fitness equipment companies align their products and services with popular professional sports leagues.”


If true, will there be there implications for small gym owners? You bet.


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