Depression Relief: Breathing and Yoga

Yoga can be a truly effective option for regaining control over your mind and emotions, as well as your body.

Yoga is fast becoming one of the most popular exercise trends in the country. People from all walks of life and levels of fitness are able to enjoy the many health benefits of yoga: better mobility and flexibility, increased muscular endurance, enhanced cardiovascular function, improved lymphatic drainage, reduced stress, and the list goes on.


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Sports Do Not Equal Health

It is a risky mistake to direct every person toward competitive athletics, when what they want is general health.

This particular subject is not one that is often touched upon, even though it is one of the more popular misconceptions in American culture. It is the belief that sports participation somehow leads to enhanced health.


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A Minimalist Running Shoe for Under $20

If you prefer a minimalist shoe, these are your answer for every occasion.

Shoes so cheap they could be a stocking stuffer? With a price tag of $19.99, that could be a possibility with FitKicks. FitKicks are a minimalist shoe with a zero-drop rubber sole and a polyester shell that fits like a sock around the rest of your foot. These shoes are so comfortable it feels like you aren’t wearing any shoes at all. They can be worn by anyone, whether you’re an active runner or someone who just wants a comfortable shoe to wear to the mall.

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